Melissa Moline


Making wearable art brings me closer to people. It feels wonderful to frame, in jewelry, the broad smile of a woman, comfortable in a style they identify with and radiating with confidence. I strive to make my work have a strong personality to match the women who surround and inspire mequick and sassy business women, smart and loving mothers, strong and creative ladies who don’t let life push them around, women who laugh with gusto and banter with wit. I love these friends and am proud to be in their circle.

I grew up drawing and making jewelry with my mom, I’ve done printmaking, and watercolor painting. I’ve painted murals, spent a LOT of time in darkrooms and design studios, and pursued literally all of the art I could get my hands on (and get my hands dirty on) throughout my life and academic career. After obtaining my degree in Architecture from PSU, I felt life and my career get in the way of art making. I still made things on occasion, of course, but it just was just not prioritized. I missed the studio time and classes with other artists—and for the first time, I had a real feeling of disconnect from the art COMMUNITY.  Making jewelry in, and being inspired by the city I love so much has introduced me to a local artist community. It has helped me build connections with people just as important to me as the connections in my designs. I work at a computer all day long–-it is important for me to get my hands dirty! This is why I began metalsmithing.  I love working with stones and shaping metal.  I love using my experience in designing architecture when coming up with a jewelry design.  Connections, weight, and movement play a large role in my jewelry designs. 

Jewelry is a constant design challenge & many of the same principals go into designing a building as does a piece of jewelry. I am an Oregonian trained in architecture, and have been working in Portland for over 17 years now.  I have recently passed the exams and I am now licensed in Architecture in Washington State! I work on everything from apartments and single-family residences to coffee shops―even a parkour gym. If you’d like to check it out, I have my Architectural Portfolio on my website as well.  My jewelry designs mirror my architectural designs. Connections, weight, and movement are essential in the creation process for all of my work–kinetic energy and delicate sounds at times emerge from my jewelry designs. I believe that a great piece of jewelry has bold shapes, natural materials & sweeping motions. Frills and filigree aren’t necessary. The focus is on materials, form, and function.

Thank you for visiting my website, and thank you for enabling my tool habit.  

Melissa Moline

I am the proud owner of five pairs of Melissa’s finely-crafted earrings. Whenever I wear them, I always get compliments. Each pair is as unique as the women whom they adorn. The positive energy Melissa has put into creating her pieces radiates brightly and noticeably. I can say without exaggeration that I wear her earrings almost every day. I always look forward to what Melissa has in store, and I’ll continue to add to my collection for a long time to come!”

Celeste Kopel     Berkeley,CA

I absolutely LOVE Moline Jewelry. I have several pairs of her earrings and wear them all the time. I constantly get compliments. They’re classic, comfortable, sophisticated, and stylish.”

Lauren Storz Portland, OR

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