I am surrounded by women who inspire me. Quick & sassy business women, smart & loving mothers, strong & creative ladies who don’t let life push them around, women who laugh with gusto & banter with wit. I love these friends & am proud to be part of their tribe.

My jewelry is designed with passion for bold women. 

I am trained in architecture and design buildings for a living.  I love it, but each project takes a long time to complete. I make jewelry because I just need to get out of the office & build something. Something that I don’t need to get a permit for. Something that won’t take me a year to finish. Something elegant & clean but also quick & dirty. I like to build jewelry because I get to design it just the way I like it & I get to build it myself.

As a native Oregonian living and working in Portland, I wanted to create a series of jewelry that highlights the beautiful city that I love so much.  The Bridge Series began as quick late night sketchbook sketch and has become a labor of love. Countless hours have been spent modifying the design; researching and testing methods to make a cohesive series of wearable art.

My favorite earrings are the biggest and the boldest pairs but even the smallest of my designs make a statement when you walk into the room. They have a strong personality that matches the women wearing them. Every time I see huge smile coupled with a pair of my earrings, I feel a sense of gratitude and pride. Thank you for being you & thank you for enabling my tool habit.


Mel headshot

I am the proud owner of five pairs of Melissa’s finely-crafted earrings. Whenever I wear them, I always get compliments. Each pair is as unique as the women whom they adorn. The positive energy Melissa has put into creating her pieces radiates brightly and noticeably. I can say without exaggeration that I wear her earrings almost every day. I always look forward to what Melissa has in store, and I’ll continue to add to my collection for a long time to come!

Celeste Kopel    Berkeley,CA